Introducing The Revolutionary Product That Changes Your Work Environment while not harming our environment......DustLay ™ Dust Suppressant.

About DustLay Dust Suppressant

Calcium-chloride solution used to assist in delaying the on-set of dust caused by dry weather conditions. DustLay Dust Suppressant is a calcium chloride solution with proprietary binders.  

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Before Dust Down Treatment

Before DustLay ™ Dust Suppressant Treatment

Dry And Dusty Roads And Surfaces

Multiple Applications

Treat Your Construction Sites, Manufacturing Facility Roads & More

Prepare Roads If Needed

Prepare Roads & Surfaces

Grade And Water Preparation If Needed

Prepare Your Surfaces

With Preparation Your Surfaces Will Be Ready For DustLay ™ Dust Suppressant

Apply Dust Down 38

Apply & Spread DustLay ™ Dust Suppressant

Control Dust On Your Surfaces

Get The Best Results

Saturate The Road With More Than One Pass For Best Results

Finished Product

Packed Road After Treatment

Reduced Dust And Aggregate Loss

Finished Product

Results Will Vary According To Weather And Aggregate  |  Rod Singletary, Managing Partner  |  318.918.5209

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